OPISOP’s intent is to partner with a national research firm to assist in the creation of a robust Strategic Plan for the following:

Obtain accreditation with a recognized Department of Education Regional Accrediting Commission Agency.

  1. Recruitment and Retention:

We aim to identify effective strategies for both attracting and retaining talented individuals in our organization.

2. Overcoming Enrollment Barriers:

We want to understand the main obstacles that students encounter when enrolling and find ways to address these issues effectively.

3. Interests in Degrees and Programs:

We are seeking to gain insights into the specific areas of study and programs that prospective students find most appealing.

4. Considerations in College Applications:

We hope to uncover the key factors and considerations that impact students' decisions when applying to colleges.

5. Learning Format and Scheduling Preferences:

We aim to understand the preferred learning formats and schedule arrangements of our target audience to meet their needs more effectively.

6. First-Year Expectations:

We want to gain a better understanding of the expectations and requirements that incoming students have for their first year at our institution.

7. Communication Preferences with Institutions:

We seek to determine the preferred methods and channels for communication between students and educational institutions to ensure effective and efficient communication.

Collaboration and transparency go hand in hand 

We seek to develop an institutional culture around collaboration, facilitating, and managing collaboration across-departmental teams, and any challenges associated with building such a culture. 

Remove barriers to collaboration by rallying around common themes to create a shared mandate for everyone 

Our objective is to foster the formation of unified teams within the institutional framework, which adhere to a shared approach in working towards collective objectives. 

Collaboration works well when those facilitating and leading the efforts are not the  same as those working through strategies. 

To collaborate on strategies means to work together with others to develop and implement plans or approaches to achieve a specific goal.  It involves sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources, and working collectively to come up with the best strategies for success. 

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