Core Values

1. Meet or exceed higher educational standards set by accrediting and regulatory agencies in all aspects of operations.

2. Provide accessibility and flexibility in the delivery of programs and services.

3. Evaluate and improve services, instruction, and programs of study annually.


1. Develop the competencies necessary for Christian ministry, leadership, and life skills.

2. Enhance the institution’s competencies for critical thinking, research, and communication.

3. Grow character and discipline supporting an effective Christian life and ministry.

4. Promote a lifestyle of continual learning, growth, compassion, and ministry to others.

Strategic Goals and Objectives 2020-2028

Obtain accreditation with a recognized Department of Education Regional Accrediting Commission Agency.

Increase student enrollment using a nine (9) point strategy.

1. Develop marketing goals and objectives to increase student enrollment as part of the school's overall marketing strategy.

2. Increase website traffic using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3. Use social media for marketing the school.

4. Make use of email marketing strategies.

5. Use paid online ads to market the school.

6. Build an excellent school reputation to increase student enrollment.

7. Advertise in traditional media to connect with local audiences.

8. Strengthen Content Marketing Strategy.

9. Recruit a marketing manager and public relations media firm.

Promote student success by strengthening recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.

Expand the curriculum, syllabus, and academic programs to prepare students for the skills they need to become global scholars.

Strengthen the institution's financial health via internal controls to ensure the institution's financial solvency. Build donor venture capitalists and philanthropist coalitions to help the institution accomplish its mission and purpose.

The objective of OPISOP is to foster international partnerships and establish coalitions with other higher learning institutions. We will actively seek collaboration with national think tanks, research firms, industry leaders, business professionals, and Christian Leaders. This collaboration will help us gain comprehensive insights into market trends and analyze the evolving needs of students in the context of global culture and Christian Higher Education.

With this knowledge, we aim to develop curriculums that align with industry requirements. By education student scholars who posses the necessary skills, we will enable them to excel and take leadership roles in various sectors including media, family, education, religion, entertainment, government and the arts.

Enhance academic programs and professional development coursework to support the community worldwide.

Critical Thinking that integrates faith, academic excellence and scholarships.