Purpose of Educational Programs

The purpose of OPISOP’s educational programs is to create a positive impact on culture through equipping students with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that benefit their own lives, as well the lives of those they are called to lead and serve. OPISOP educational programs seek to merge practice with scholarship. Our goal is to equip ministries who are able to lead and serve as practitioner-scholars. To accomplish this, the curriculum has a mix of the practical as well as the scholarly. Most of the School’s faculty are well-established teachers with professional educational experience and advanced degrees.
At the heart of The School of the Prophets is the bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. The degree program prepares its graduates to make meaningful differences for Christ in all aspects of society. Students gain a greater understanding of the apostolic and the prophetic and a wealth of wisdom about exercising those gifts in the marketplace, in ministry, and in personal settings
The Norman Odell Warren, Sr. School of Graduate Studies is named in honor of the late father of Dr. Annette Wright, OPISOP’s founder. Mr. Warren was an advocate, a leader and a student of the Word of God. His exceptional leadership skills were displayed in the federal sector, in the marketplace, and by partnering with non-profit governmental agencies that trained people to display Kingdom leadership principles.
The Greg and Linda Wallace School of Advanced Leadership is named for the apostolic and prophetic overseers of OPISOP. Dr. Greg Wallace is an influential apostolic thought leader. His book on apostolic governance is used as a textbook in Christian institutions of higher learning in Africa as well as in America. Dr. Linda Wallace has ministered on the prophetic in six of the seven continents of the globe. She is considered a confidante, a coach, and a spiritual influencer by women all over the world.