The Greg and Linda Wallace

School of Advanced Leadership

The Greg and Linda Wallace School of Advanced Leadership is named for the apostolic and prophetic overseers of OPISOP. Dr. Greg Wallace is an influential apostolic thought leader. His book on apostolic governance is used as a textbook in Christian institutions of higher learning in Africa as well as in America. Dr. Linda Wallace has ministered on the prophetic in six of the seven continents of the world. She is considered a confidante, a coach, and a spiritual influencer by women all over the world.

Societies are governed by laws, but they are influenced by culture. The School of Advanced Leadership equips its practitioner-scholars with the mindset, the methods, the tools, and the techniques to be Kingdom-minded thought leaders and cultural architects. Apostolic and prophetic leaders engaged in the marketplace as well as in ministry will be enriched by completing the courses offered by the school. 

The cornerstone of the School is its Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership. This program develops its practitioner-scholars into influential leaders who shape culture in this generation and in the generations to come. 

The School of Advanced Leadership also offers continuing education courses. These courses not only help leaders increase their performance in their current roles, but they also help them move to the next level in their career progression.

Career Opportunities

The School of Advanced Leadership prepares transformational leaders to progress in a variety of career paths including but not limited to: 

  • Leadership 
  • Management 
  • Consulting 

Graduates are better able to transform their environments in their chosen industry whether that industry is business or government, arts & entertainment or media, education or athletics, ministry or non-profit.

CE Course Offerings:

Continuing Education

Continuing Education courses are designed for leaders who seek to grow and develop in their current roles. They make leaders even better leaders and executives even better executives.


  • CE 600 – Agents of Transformation: A Guide to Effective Cross- Cultural Ministry
  • CE 601 – Kingdom: The Story of Scripture and Living in the Kingdom of God
  • CE 602 – Unstoppable Kingdom: Apostolic Leadership
  • CE 603 – Cultural Transformation and Religious Practice
  • CE 604 – Leading Kingdom Movements


  • CE 650 – Take Flight Analysis: Chameleon Leadership
  • CE 651 – Marketing Management
  • CE 652 – Management and Information Systems
  • CE 653 – Financial Planning & Strategy
  • CE 654 – Crucial Accountability
  • CE 655 – Strength Based Leadership
  • CE 656 – Lead From the Heart: Transformational Leadership for the 21st Century
  • CE 657 – Radical Transformational Leadership: A Strategic Action for Change Agents

Professional Development

Professional Development courses are designed for leaders who seek to advance to higher levels of responsibility, greater impact, and more significant influence.


  • PD 700 – The Church and Its Challenge
  • PD 701 – Rethinking Church Models
  • PD 702 – Revival and Social Transformation


  • PD 703 – Transformational Leadership
  • PD 704 – Igniting Social Transformation
  • PD 705 – Kingdom-Minded Leadership in the 21st Century